Romanian-born artist Sandú Daríe was initially trained as a lawyer, but his exposure to the Romanian intelligentsia resulted in his choice of a painting career. After studies in Paris, Darié moved permanently to Havana in 1941. His works reveal the basic tenets of Concrete art, a combination of planes, primary colors, and form fused with geometric rigor stimulated by Piet Mondrian's Neoplasticism.

His most innovative works include irregular-shaped canvases and structures with moving parts, connoting the principles of the Latin American MADÍ movement that wished to break from traditional painting and focus on the concrete and physical reality of art. Daríe was preoccupied continuously with space, light, and color as well as with viewer participation in the motion, perspective, and movement of his works.

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Sandu Darie made the artworks below. They are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued by Pedro de OraaOraa. They belong to a private collection in Havana city, Cuba.

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