Harold Lopez (b. 1977)

Harold López Muñoz (Havana, 1977) paints and is no small thing in a period characterized, in his generation, by transcending the conventions of the trade and experimenting with generic crossings, volumetric tensions, installations, performatic actions, spatial interventions and technological appropriations.

The artist needs only the area of painting to express himself, and he does not renounce figuration, nor the drawing as a support for the composition, nor the exploration of the chromatic range, nor the oil on the canvas, although he sometimes mixes the technique.

But it is not traditionalist or conservative. See the works exhibited in the gallery Villa Manuela, Uneac, is to attend an immersion in the waters of a fresh painting, surprising images, daring in the best sense of the word.

Stand by reflects the consequence of an aesthetic creed and a conceptual concern that has developed as the artist has adjusted his perception of reality with the mastery of expressive instruments for its expression.

It is a painting that seduces and responds to a principle that López Muñoz defends: «I am looking for a visual impact in my works, since the current spectator devotes very little time to the consumption of still images, due to the very dynamics of an increasingly audiovisual world . I believe in the first glance in the painting, which quickly catches attention and then leads to reflection ».

The latter is far from intellectual complexities, although there are those who project their demons by reading the contents abstruse. Associating dystopian intentions or fatigue with history, the images of López Muñoz are not only methodologically inappropriate, but arbitrary.

Painting of figures rather than characters, of situations rather than actions, the artist invites us to take each other without the temporal or the anecdotal being determining elements, but not irrelevant either. What he calls visual impact gives the measure of an awake sensibility.